Ashley Sue, owner and sole baker of Ashley Sue's Baked Goods, grew up a small town girl with dreams of the big city. After graduating high school, she started to purse her dreams, by moving to Atlanta to attend the Art Institute of Atlanta. First she majored in photography but soon followed her love of food and baking into the culinary arts field. After 2 years, she graduated with an Associates in Culinary Arts with a concentration in Baking and Pastry. While earning her degree she took her first kitchen job as the a pastry cook under Chrysta Poulos at 4th and Swift, where she took everything she was learning in her culinary schooling and built upon it in the real world. After completion of her degree. she also worked in the kitchens of Homegrown and Woodfire Grill until taking up residency at Candler Park Market, managing alongside Robin Graham and starting her own pastry program from which she has now made her own business. In March 2016, Ashley was able to move into a bigger kitchen work space which she shares with fellow entrepreneurs, Wayne and Kathy Senft of One Screw Loose Jelly. Ashley currently resides in Historic South Atlanta neighborhood with her husband, young daughter and two dogs. You can often catch her munching on doughnuts at Revolution Doughnuts or shopping at local farmers markets. 

Ashley Sue's Baked Goods proudly supports small businesses and community organizations like  Day Springs Farms, Harlow's Vegan Cupcakes, Pearson Farms, Mindazi Creative,  Community Farmers Markets, and Arbitrary Living to name a few.